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   Searching for imagery

Once logged in, you will be taken to the ‘search’ page (also accessible from the top navigation bar). Images can be found in a number of ways:

Organic Search:
Search by keywords or image numbers in the ‘search’ box. To refine your keyword search within a particular region select the location from the drop down box clicking search. The search engine is not case sensitive. Searches can also be conducted with multiple words by placing a comma between each word. Only results with all exact key words will be displayed.

Map search:
Use the map of Victoria to search for images by region. Images most recently uploaded will be displayed first.

Image Collections:
Browse images by our ‘Image Collections’. These are groups of specially curated images which best represent particular key features for each region. Image Collections are also available for key product segments such as spa & wellbeing, cruise shipping and backpacking. ‘Image Collections’ can be found in the drop down boxes on the search page.

Tourism Victoria charges for the use of digital assets. Fees are used to maintain the Library. We will determine the eligibility for a discount based on the usage. Fees are displayed on the order page once the image size/resolution has been selected. Fees are subject to change without notice. 10% GST is payable to purchases made within Australia.

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